Everyone suffers from depression at a point in their life, everyone has their reason why they are depressed.

I was depressed throughout this morning because of how broke and insignificant I felt in the world and in the scheme of things. The funny thing about depression or sadness is that if you allow it to fester, it grows into a never-ending loop of dark thoughts which grow darker as time passes.

I have learnt of various ways to cope and I am highly confident in their efficiency. The first method I’ll highly recommend is to talk to someone. A friend, a religious leader or a counsellor, the most important thing to do is to talk to a professional. The next way is what I recommend for those who have an intricate relationship with music is to use music as an aid.

I have had spells with depression and one thing that always works is music. Music as an art has the ability to overwhelm you with various emotions and the lyrics have the ability to cut through your heart. Below is my top ten list of songs that uplift you and I advise you to listen to each of them properly :

Started from the bottom by Drake – The ultimate come up song, Drake released this anthem as a single from his album “Nothing was the same”. The song talks about Drake’s before and after and how far he’s come. The song works when your sadness is caused by a lack of finances.

Bolo Bolo – The cavemen released a stellar album named roots in 2020, each song more uplifting more than the other but one song stood out more than the others but one song stood out. The song Bolo Bolo gives you happiness and the chants of let me feel alright make you feel alright.

Osondu – Another song by the Cavemen from their roots album. Osondu feels so gospel to me, the song is sung in Igbo but the meaning cuts across all languages. Osondu talks about constantly moving forward and never looking back, Osondu delves into you slowly.

Yellow Submarine by The Beatles – I love Ringo Starr, he’s my second favourite Beatle after Mccartney. He has the most innocent childlike songs and Yellow submarine has to be my favourite followed by Octopus Garden, the song has Ringo singing about being with his friends. Each time I hear this song I want to hug all my friends, listen to the Yellow submarine.

System Fail by Showdemcamp – My favourite Nigerian rap crew has to be Showdemcamp and it talks about a good party and having a good time. It’s the perfect song to drink with your friends or to imagine a good time with your friends.

Calm down by Burna Boy – The song Calm down actually calms you down, I don’t know whether it’s the stellar production from Jae5 or the acapella used at the beginning but either way the song still finds a place in your heart.

Bossa Nova cha cha by Luis Bonfa – A word is not said in Bossa Nova cha cha but your heart has to be made out of stone for the guitar not to reach you. The song cemented the status of Bossa Nova for me and I also use the song for inspiration and for working out.

Love yours by J Cole – J Cole is one of my favourites and his album forest hill drive has to be the first complete hip hop album I listened to and one of my favourite songs in the album has to be love yours. The song preaches acceptance, contentment and trying to see the light in every situation you are placed in.

Starting Over by Macklemore – This song is for recovering addicts, it mainly talks about alcoholism but I change it in my head to my addiction. It talks about how you feel after you have gone away from your addiction and have returned to it. I use the song to tell myself I will overcome my addiction and to anyone reading this I hope you overcome.

Escape by Rupert holmes – The song is one of the funniest with a twist at the ending, you start by hearing him dissatisfied with his wife and at the end, you’ll hear him meet up with his wife. Listen to the song to get the full story and to enjoy this classic also called the Piña Colada.

I hope you readers will enjoy this top ten list curated by me and if you are having feelings of depression which doesn’t go away, please talk to a psychologist or a counsellor.