At Bricks To Cribs & Bars (BTCBARS)

We build. We innovate. We create solutions, that redefine possibilities. BTCBARS Group is striving for excellence in Nigeria, Africa & beyond. We have drawn up ambitious plans to set up world-class projects in sectors such as Real estate, International Trade, Agro farming & the Import and export of commodities. By being part of our company, you’re sowing a seed of profits. Our company is driven by:


We aim to create a stable market with high-quality & reliable services/products. Our main goal is to be a pathway to financial freedom in Africa.


We have a clear desire to compete in the markets and work hard to influence the sectors in which we engage in a constructive & technological way.


We aim to enrich African lives by partnering with world-class organizations & using innovative solutions that will shape the future of our society.

Our company comprises subsidiaries & brands driven by one purpose – to create sustainability. BTCBARS Group is striving to help take Nigeria to self-sufficiency & expand rapidly across Africa, helping other countries achieve the same.

What we do

BTCBARS Group operates in several industries spanning imports & exports of commodities, real estate, agro farming, international trade & a few other subsidiaries.

Import & Exports of Commodities

We Export Food products like grains, wheat, coffee bean, cocoa, red kidney beans, gum, Wood (Charcoal), and Grade A Natural Sisal Fiber in white and Brown colors.

Agro farming

We specialize in lucrative agricultural activities, ranging from Crop farming, fishery, poultry farming, and trading of agri- products.



core values

Our set of core values is the compass that guides our actions personally and corporately.


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